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 "The daily, weekly, and monthly goal is to make sure each child comes to school feeling safe, learns at least one new thing everyday, and goes home with a smile. 
Everything we do will be focused and centered towards achieving that goal."

                                                                                    - Principal J. Feliciano


I am a product of Catholic school.  For over thirty plus years, I have been a member of Our Lady of Grace parish and the Academy of Our Lady of Grace in Fairview, NJ.  At the Academy of Our Lady of Grace, I have been a student, a teacher, a youth group member and leader, a basketball coach, and over the past three years, an assistant principal.

At the Church, I have been a parishioner, member of the choir, an usher, a Eucharistic minister, and a lecturer.  I have also had the privilege of going on several missions to areas of Mexico, Belize, New Orleans, Kentucky, and West Virginia where I've done several different jobs of service including restoring churches and building houses.

I graduated from Rutgers State University of New Jersey as a communication major with a minor in organization leadership.  I went back to school for my teaching degree in 2008.  I obtained my Masters in Educational Leadership at Saint Peter's University.  In my spare time, I enjoy all sports and I am interested in most of the arts including: music, writing, drawing, poetry, and theater.

There is a rich history and a strong family culture within Saint Anne SchoolI'm hoping to build on the tremendous values already instilled at Saint Anne School and build an environment that emphasizes safety, Catholic Education, and a joy for life and learning.  I am a huge advocate for the ideas of respect, community, faith and collaborative dialogue and I am focused on blending my love of the arts, the philosophies of my faith and Catholic education, and the principles of servant leadership with the amazing love and community that is so prevalent throughout Saint Anne School and Church. 

Together, we will build upon the foundations of love and community, work hand-and-hand with the parish, and continue to grow Saint Anne School into a center of growth, faith, love and community.  As one parent so perfectly pointed out, "We are in the business of making little saints," and I intend to use all my efforts to help facilitate that.

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