St Anne School

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Mission Statement Goals and Students2


As followers of Jesus Christ, we, the Faculty and Staff of Saint Anne School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, are called to continue His work. We recognize our uniqueness in having been especially chosen by Christ to spread His word. Ours is a willing response to God's invitation to "Come, follow me" (Mark 1:17). Through our own personal experience of Jesus, we seek to share with the Christian community of Saint Anne Parish the reality of the message of Christ in the Twenty-first Century.

    We do this through a keen insight, born from our own self-reflection, which recognizes each child's individuality and potential as well as his I her own natural curiosity and need for nurturing. We acknowledge the diversity in the backgrounds of our students and attempt to provide them with an environment where common Gospel values are instilled. We attempt to achieve this by offering them positive role models as well as our unconditional love. This offering is only a foreshadowing of the limitless love of God who promises his help in times of need because we are the ones in whom he is well pleased (See further Matt. 3:13-17).

    In learning to first value themselves as beloved of God, our students will hear the voice of the Spirit calling to them in their own hearts and they will respond in kind service to each other and in responsible stewardship over the earth. "That we might live no longer for ourselves but for him", that same Holy Spirit enlivens us "to complete His work on earth" and grow in the fullness of grace (Eucharistic Prayer 3).


McCrudden talking to students


The Philosophy of the Catholic Community of Saint Anne School

As members of the Catholic Community of Saint Anne School, we incorporate into our school community an environment in which students can fully realize the overall potential of their age, ability, and level of maturity. Balancing the intellectual with the spiritual,  social, personal, and physical development of each child, we enable them to learn and grow in the ever changing world around them.

          The school community, as Christ-like models, imparts Christ's message of love to the students, who internalize it so that self-respect, integrity, and social responsibility become a way of life. A sensitivity to their development leads to open communication between teachers, administrators, parents, and other support agencies.

       As a diverse school community, and in order to meet the challenge of society, students are taught to make judgments based on Catholic values. The Saint Anne's community emphasizes teamwork as well as individual efforts. Rules are designed to guarantee the rights of all students who learn to do their best, rather than to win at all cost.


Saint Anne School adheres to the
National Standards and Benchmarks of Effective Catholic Schools