St Anne School

1-30 Summit Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-2016


teacher pix            Welcome to First Grade



     To see what your child has for homework each night, please check their marble notebooks.



                         This week our memory words are:  it's  we'll   you'll  we're  I'm   paper  even  open  music  silent 







             Our memory word test is on Thursday, January 30th          IMG 1413



 Homework this week :


Monday  4 times each, memory words and math sheet



Tuesday-  3 sentences, and math sheet



Wednesday- ABC order, and rered the story " A Day at Happy Land"   BRING BOOK BACK TO SCHOOL





Friday- No homework







2IMG 3912       IMG 3909IMG 3910



 IMG 0419                               IMG 0424

                                                                                          Thanksgiving feast

IMG 4112   IMG 4110

Chucky Cheese assembly about NO BULLYING!


 IMG 4152       Candy heart prediction experiment.   Will they sink or float?





Social development skills:


  • Become even more adept at paying attention, following instructions and exercising self-control.
  • Learn how to work together with classmates on a group project.
  • Become more attuned to the concept of fairness and justice.
  • Gain more confidence in expressing opinions and sharing stories, such as during morning meetings.



  • Count to 100 by groups of small numbers such as 2s, 5s, and 10s. Be able to recognize and write numbers up to 100.
  • Understand concepts such as "equal to" or "greater than" as well as addition and subtraction; become familiar with symbols such as "+," "-," "=," "<," ">."
  • Add numbers up to 10 in her head.
  • Be able to do simple subtraction.
  • Work with coins and add sums.
  • Identify simple patterns.
  • Learn how to measure sums such as length, weight.
  • Understand and identify simple fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).
  • Begin to tell time on an analog clock.


Reading and Writing:

  • Read books in small groups with a teacher.
  • Begin independent reading.
  • Be able to identify ideas and details of a story, and be able to retell events of a story in order.
  • Learn words with similar patterns (such as "bat," "sat," and "cat").
  • Become more skilled at using sounds of letters to read simple words.
  • Expand her list of "sight words" (words that are frequently used).
  • Write his full name (if he hasn’t learned to do so already).
  • Work on handwriting.
  • Write simple words and sentences (often still without emphasis on correct spelling); use two or three sentences to create stories.
  • Learn how to correctly use punctuation and capitalization in sentences.
  • Understand and learn the plurals of nouns.

Religion: We are discussing the season og Advent, and the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.


Social Studies and Science :

  • Gain a better understanding of the senses.
  • Identify animals and classify them into groups (marine, mammals, etc.).
  • Learn about oceans and sea life.
  • Learn about life cycles.
  • Identify the United States and learn about continents and oceans.
  • Understand what living things need to grow.


The SUPERKIDS Reading Program is built on these principles for teaching reading:

  1. Motivation is the key factor in children's success in learning to read.
  2. Reading is most effectively taught when integrated with the other language arts.
  3. Explicit phonics instruction gives children a reliable way to unlock the written word.
  4. Phonetically controlled vocabulary ensures success, enabling children to really read.


Halloween fun, 


IMG 3873          IMG 3879  Donut day with Pre K 


 Our specials

                   Monday-  Music

                                                                                                        Tuesday- Spanish and Gym

                                                                                                 Wednesday- Art

                                                                                                         Thursday- Computers

                                                         Friday- Reading Enrichment


IMG 4010IMG 4013

                                                    Our visit with Santa and our Christmas party.