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                                               SIGHT WORDS OF THE WEEK 

1. OWN  2. USE 3. BUY 4. WHY




 The Mitten By: Jan Brett

The Lion and the Mouse- An Aesop Fable

Snowmen at Night By: Mary Altom

Undercover Animals By: Camilla De La Bedoyere

Do Unto Otters By: Laurie Keller 

I Am Human-A Book of Empathy By: Susan Verde

Each Kindness By: Jaqueline Woodson

A Boy Like You By: Frank Murphy 

One Big Heart- A celebration of being more alike than different By: Linsey Davis











Look at some of the pictures of what we have been up to in class so far!

 Kindergarten mouse project

We read, If You Take a Mouse to School

Screenshot 20190918 081109 ClassDojoStudents shared favorite things about themselves.


                                                                                        20191104 142837                                                                                       

Students learned how flowers "drink" water by adding dye to the water and watching the white carnation turn beautiful colors!


While learning the letter C in Reading, we had fun with this Science Experiment; Making Crystals!  


20191010 125136

We had an assembly on Fire Safety!  We love our new Fireman hat!

20191010 100328

God's Promise is everywhere!  We have been learning this in Religion these past two weeks and this morning I saw this on my way to school!  The signs are all around!  Happy Thursday everyone!



We had fun working on this STEM project!  A  fun nature walk to collect things found outside helped us to create our beautiful STEM structures! The goal was to use Wikki Stix as the glue to hold our structures together and make it as long as possible.  It was fun to work in groups and share ideas for how to make the longest structure!

 20191102 20594120191102 21004520191102 205700

We had some STEM fun on Halloween building fences for pumpkins after reading the story, "Five Little Pumpkins". It was a challenge but the children did a great job!  


Screenshot 20191104 132919 Video Player

 No Kindergarten Halloween is complete without a little "Puking Pumpkins" experiment!!!


Autumn Sink or Float 1Autumn Sink or Float2

This Autumn Float or Sink Experiment was a hit!  Children were so shocked by the outcomes vs. their predictions that they actually shrieked out loud when we tried each item!  It was fun to watch their excitement.  We began this lesson with a walk outside on the lawn to collect small branches, rocks and leaves (we already had the apple and acorn)  Next, we came inside to learn about two important words; "density" and "molecules" and and how they affect whether an object will float or sink.  We also watched a video and learned that an object will float if it weighs less than the water it's in and sink if it weighs more than the water it is in.  Try practicing this at home using various objects with your child and see if they recall what they learned about the science behind sink and float!


We learned who lives in a Teepee and watched a video on our new Smartboard and projector!  We also watched a video clip from the National Geographic channel about how a real teepee is built from beginning to end.  We then went outside to collect sticks to complete a STEM project to make our own Teepee!  It was not easy but the children had fun and did a great job! 

20191121 143039

We are having such a great time learning with the Smartboard!  Superkids, Science and Math have never been so much fun!  Here, you see a student using highlighting tape to fill in a box next to a picture that begins with "S".  This was an interactive game from the Superkids Online Resource Website. We do this daily as well as listen to the song of the week while watching it project as the Superkid sings and dances.  It really is a great tool and the children really love it.


Santa Countdown

Our yearly project, Santa Countdown is up!  We are so eager to watch Santa's beard fill up!  Each day we add one cotton ball to our Santa face and watch as Christmas gets closer and closer!

Advent Wreath and MangerYesterday we learned about the Advent Wreath and its meaning.  We have one in the classroom and this one on display in the hallway.  Each day we color a picture as we count the days that pass during the season of Advent.  Of course, no hallway display is complete without a manger scene.  Happy Birthday Jesus!


20191203 133433



20191203 132916                 








 We are loving the new Smartboard!  We can now watch the Weekly Reader on a bigger screen and interact with the games and activities!  Today we learned about holiday workers and together, we built a gingerbread house!  The real fun was in the "Dance Break" section of the magazine where we got to have a dance party with the gingerbread men!!  It was a lot of fun to try and learn their dance moves and dance together!


Lily Lion project

 We enjoyed making this lion project after learning about our new friend Lily and her family of lions for the letter L in this week's Superkids Unit..ROAR!


Christmas color fireworks

  Christmas color fireworks2 christmas color fireworks3                                 christmas color fireworks4

We had a "blast" today with this experiment..."Christmas Color Fireworks"!  We learned what happened when dish soap was introduced into a mixture of milk and food coloring.  The result was that the molecules in the milk moved away from the molecules in the soap, creating an "explosion" of colors across the surface of the milk.  What a sight to see!

20191213 132247

20191213 131547


20191213 131829

                                                   20191213 132122 

Making clay models of real life objects in Social Studies really brought out the artist in us! Here we have a snowman, person, snowman and a flower. 


20191218 104225

           20191219 090230


20191219 090349








 We had fun with Unit 9 in Superkids!  Icky loved watching television so at the end of the Unit, we enjoyed this STEAM project and created this television out of a cardboard box!  


   20191219 134355 20191219 134509

20191219 135002

We had a lot of Christmas fun today reading a hilarious story about who might be best to guide Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve and then did a WONDERFUL job creating a sleigh for Santa with this STEAM project!  They are so talented and creative!  Great job boys and girls!

20200121 142453A little cold weather STEAM fun!  Snowflake Painting with Salt!  Beautiful, fun and very fitting lately with the chill in the air!



 20200130 092859

Last week we had a great assembly about bullying and look who showed up from Chuck-E-Cheese! 

20200124 143737

We had fun constructing this project in groups!  Marshmallow STEM Structures!  It wasn't easy but it sure was fun!

Groundhog Burrow STEM Challenge1We had so much fun with this STEM Challenge today!  After learning about groundhogs, how they make a home and what it looks like, we had fun putting out brains together to create these burrows, complete with rooms, as groundhogs like to do!









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