Teacher and Staff Bulletin Boards

Click on the links below to find out what's going on in your child's homeroom, what assignments are due, and other information.  For your convenience, the teacher's or staff member's email address may be found at the bottom of his/her bulletin board.  When emailing a teacher or staff member, please include your name in the subject line.


Click the link below for additional activities that correlate to our math series in school!

Mrs. Gray: Pre-Kindergarten 4 & Mrs. Sapinski: Pre-Kindergarten 3

Mrs. Carrino: Kindergarten


Mrs. Mappa: Grade 1


Mrs. Donohue: Grade 2


Mrs. McCrudden: Grade 3


Mrs. McLaughlin: Grade 4


Mrs. Hartmann: Grade 5


Mrs. Joosten: Grade 6


Miss Lacivita: Grade 7


Mrs. Greene: Grade 8


    Mrs. Fama: Technology K-8

  Mrs. LoBue: Reading Enrichment

   Mrs. Janc, RN, MPH: Health Office

      Miss Cuello: Spanish

Mr. Koslowski: Physical Education


Ms. Campana: Music

Mr. Gerardo: Art